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OVE is built on the belief that your identity is your ultimate key. Our vision?

A future without wallets or phones for payments, without IDs for verification. Just you, simplifying everyday transactions with the touch of a finger and unlocking a world of convenience. Join us in shaping a simpler, more secure tomorrow.

Empowering the World with theUniqueness of Fingerprints


The Coconut Story

Hello, I'm Caio Buchalla, a visionary Brazilian entrepreneur. Let me share you how everything began. While running near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, I stumbled upon a vendor selling fresh coconut water, a rarity in the US, and being Brazilian, I wanted one but had no money or devices to pay. That moment sparked the idea of freeing us from payment tools using our own natural and unique pins, our biometrics...

...and so, OVE Touch & Go 

was born!

OVE is a pioneering cloud-based fingerprint payment service designed to seamlessly integrate with any point of sale platform. By enabling customers to make payments effortlessly using their fingerprints, OVE not only safeguards merchants and point of sale platforms against fraud and identity theft but also fortifies the entire financial ecosystem. One touch is all it takes!

Meet our team

Caio Buchalla

Cofounder CEO

Board member

Anshul Bagai

Cofounder CTO

Richard Yu

Growth Strategist

Board Member

Daniel Cafiero


Board member

Monica Santos


Board Member

Cliff Green


POS Partnership Advisor


OVE Sensor

Generation I (Prototype)

The OVE Sensor Gen I was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of creating a cloud-based fingerprint service, overcoming the challenges of developing a hardware product from scratch. Among its key features are Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi connectivity, a capacitive fingerprint sensor, a touchable screen, and a portable battery. For a full video access, email us at


New OVE Sensor Gen Icoming out on Fall 2024





so far, in 2024

  • Brainstorming & Feasibility

  • Technology architecture

  • US/WO Patents applied

  • US/WO Trademarks applied

  • OVE Touch & Go app ready

  • Hardware architecture

  • First US Patent granted

  • Trademarks granted

  • First POS partnership

  • Hardware developed

  • Fingerprint cloud-matching

  • Patent applied internationally

  • Second POS partnership

  • Pre-seed round closed

  • Beta launch 

  • Second US Patent granted

  • Card-Present certification process

  • Hardware industrialization

  • Seed-round open




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