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The future of payments at a touch of a finger.

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Fingerprint payments is a new technological concept that allows users to make payments using their fingerprints. This innovative and seamless system is poised to disrupt the traditional payment market as it offers a more secure and convenient way to pay for goods and services.


The future of payments is here, and it's as simple as the touch of a finger. With Fingerprints you can say goodbye to cash and credit cards, or smartphones/watches and hello to a more convenient and secure way to pay. Imagine that each of your fingerprints could be a different payment method and when you are at a store you would just touch the finger you want to pay with, free of payment fraud. One touch is all it takes with OVE Touch & Go™.

What is OVE Touch & Go?

OVE Touch & Go is a free one-touch payment and fraud protection ecosystem that allows customers to pay with fingerprints, and businesses to accept fingerprint payments. The concept is focused on offering freedom to customers from physical cards or smartphones/watches by authorizing payments at a point-of-sale via our fingerprint technology. OVE is also a seamless and innovative experience that not only protects businesses against payment fraud but reduces liability, minimizes chargeback fees, and increases efficiency.

Why Fingerprints?

Your fingerprints are unique, which means no one has the same, making them your most secure pins. Fingerprints can’t be lost, forgotten, stolen, and don’t depend on a battery. Besides the uniqueness and security, with OVE Touch & Go each fingerprint can be a different payment method. For example, your right index finger can be linked to a credit card while the middle finger is linked to a bank account, at a store you just touch the finger you want to pay with.

How does it work?

Customers can download the OVE Touch & Go™ app, create a verified account, add all their payment options (personal bank accounts, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies) and link each one of them to different fingers. Customers will locate an available OVE Sensor at a business near them and upload their fingerprints. It’s a fast and one-time setup process. Next time customers check out, instead of inserting a card or tapping a smartphone/watch, they can use their fingers to pay.

Businesses can download the OVE Touch & Go Business™ app and create a verified business account. Once it’s approved we will send a free OVE Sensor (our hardware), and they will be ready to start accepting fingerprint payments.


Overall, OVE Touch & Go is a great new payment system that offers many benefits over traditional methods, It is more secure and convenient. With this technology, businesses can reduce fraud and increase efficiency, while customers can enjoy the freedom of not having to depend on any extra tools to make a secure payment at a point-of-sale.

The future is now. Join us at OVE Touch & Go.

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