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5 Reasons why fingerprints are the most convenient, private, and secure way to pay.

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

Leave your wallet at home and your phone in your pocket, because all you need to pay are your fingerprints. With OVE Touch & Go the days of using an iPhone, apple watch, credit cards, and cash are over. OVE implements state-of-the-art fingerprint payment technology that not only validates users' authenticity but also allows for seamless, private, quick & secure one-touch payment transactions at point-of-sale.

With biometric payments on the rise and fingerprints' reputation for safety, OVE's popularity will soar to new heights as a disrupter in the fintech space.

Let's review why OVE Touch & Go uses fingerprints as the new way to pay.

1. Biologically unique

Your fingerprints are unique, meaning no one else in the world has the exact same. Fingerprint pattern formation consists of two components: developmental and genetic. The ridge pattern development not only depends on genetic factors but also on unique physical conditions. Fingerprints are more highly individualized than DNA profiles based on the RELP technology being used in forensic laboratories. It's almost impossible to imitate someone else’s fingerprints because they are non-transferable and don't age with time.

2. Can’t lose or forget them

Your fingerprints are part of you, so wherever you go they are there with you. You can’t lose or forget your fingerprints, and they don’t depend on battery life. Everyone has a story of forgetting or losing their wallet, freezing cards can be such a pain! And once you freeze your cards all your digital payment options are disabled too

3. Can’t get stolen

OVE Sensors are built with advanced fingerprint technology, which utilizes acoustics (sonic waves) to scan the pores of a user's finger for a deeply accurate image. OVE doesn't capture and store images of your fingerprints, our technology creates dual encrypted hashes that represent each finger, which cannot be stolen or repurposed by malign actors.

4. Fast and convenient

Paying with your iPhone isn’t seamless: you have to unlock your phone, select the card, and touch to pay, and half the time your phone case blocks the NFC connection to authorize a transaction. OVE reduces unnecessary steps in the process by offering a single one-touch payment, and the ability for each of your fingers to be a different payment method. At checkout, if you want to pay with another card you just touch the fingerprint connected to that specific card. "One-touch is all it takes".

5. Private

With OVE Touch & Go users gain privacy by protecting their information from those around them. Discreetly touch your finger on one of our sensors and your purchase will be approved. You will no longer be asked to provide a card or payment information in various forms that are all vulnerable to malign actors. No OVE transaction can be approved unless a user is physically in a store consenting to pay with their fingerprints by touching our hardware sensors.

The future starts now, join us at OVE Touch & Go!


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