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One-touch payment and fraud protection ecosystem

OVE Touch & Go is a platform created to integrate our fingerprint sensors with any POS platform, so merchants can seamlessly link an OVE Sensor with the current payment system they already use at their business.


For customers to pay with fingerprints they must create an account on OVE Touch & Go® app and get verified.

Learn more about what customers can get if they
pay with their fingerprints. 

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For merchants to accept fingerprint payments they must link an OVE Sensor® to the POS platform in place.

Learn more about what you and the merchants using your POS platform can get with OVE Sensors.

How the partnership works


Become an official partner and have access to OVE's Dashboard and APIs.


Become an official reseller of OVE Sensors and make more profits.

*You are only authorized to resell OVE Sensors to merchants using your POS platform.


Your merchants will be able to seamlessly link OVE Sensors to their POS and start accepting fingerprint payments.

*OVE Sensors does not accept insert, swipe or tap payments, only fingerprint touching.

We don't take your revenue

OVE does not process payments or take revenue from partners, we simply send the authorized payment data to the POS system to be processed.

OVE system does not share any biometric and personal data with the POS platform and the merchant.

With OVE, one touch is all it takes!

To learn more about our partnership program, email us at

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