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Touch to pay

Accept fingerprint payments

No payment fraud, less costs, and more efficiency for your business with OVE Touch & Go® Sensors.

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No New System Required
OVE Touch & Go® Sensors connect with your current POS system.

Get started merchant

Why should you use OVE Sensors at your business?

No payment fraud
Only verified customers can pay with fingerprints reducing to 0.01% of chance of payment fraud to happen.

OVE Sensors are flex
Leave the sensor at the counter with your POS devices or bring it to the table so your customers can privately checkout.

Less chargeback fees
Payments are only authorized if the customer is physically at your business touching a finger.

Less liability
With OVE Sensors your staff does not have to deal with customer's payment cards, the back and forth is over!


Accept cryptocurrencies
Your customers will be able to not only pay with credit cards, but also with crypto.
*Your business does not receive crypto as payment.

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When customer pay with fingerprints the purchase receipts are sent automatically to their app. No need to printing anymore.


OVE Touch & Go® Sensor $149

Take payments quickly and confidently knowing that every sale is securely encrypted and protected against fraud.

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OVE Sensors seamlessly connect with your current POS system.

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Touchable screen, wireless connection, and 24 hours battery life.

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OVE Sensors don't share any fingerprint or personal data with your business, only the authorized financial information.


One touch is all it takes!
Convenient, private and secure checkout

Get started 2

Let's get started!

But first, select the POS system you currently use at your business

*We apologize if the POS system you use is not available at this moment, we are slowly partnering with payment companies

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OVE Touch & Go Business
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If you don't have a current POS system in your business you can still accept fingerprint payments by downloading the

OVE Touch & Go® POS app


Create a verified business account.


Add a business bank account.


Purchase and link an OVE Sensor to your account.


And you are ready to start accepting fingerprint payments.

Pay as you go

We don’t have sign-up, monthly or hidden fees, we charge a 3.05% + 30¢ payment fee for every successful transaction completed through:



ACH transactions from most American bank. OVE is powered by Plaid.

Credit cards

Credit card transactions from Mastercard, Visa, amex, Discover, Union Pay, JCB and Diners.


Crypto wallets

Ethereum and all EVM-compatible networks, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, and Ripple network.

*If you are using OVE Sensors through another POS system the fee of 3.05% + 30 cents does not apply to you.
*Crypto payments: as a business you will not receive cryptocurrencies as payment, you will receive your payment in dollars.

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OVE Touch & Go® POS app

Scan or click on the QR Code, download the OVE Touch & Go® POS app and boost your business with a touch of a finger!

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If you are also customer, 
learn why you should pay with your fingerprints.

No need of wallet or phone,
only your fingers

Each finger can be a different
payment option 

Protected in 99.9% against
payment fraud

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